A lot have been happening since the past week, and yeth the past week seems so distance. I turned 21 yesterday, and and yeth I feel like thirty. My life has showed my alot off this world maybe more than what a 21year-old could imagine, but still I think I have made my chances of expeiences pass by. As i have told you guys before, I feel fortuned to explore this world of art and fashion through my blog, but I have this urge to experience more. the label of 20 gave me urge off doing something and becoming someone, it was "now or never", but this year has thought me the "slower you are the fastes you get." Its better to do think proper than rushin into thing and make them less then perfect. I earlier announced that im starting a label, its was all off mye passion for clothes and im still sewing, but since the plate infront of me is so full with other things, I might have to delay the release.
Im planning something big for the blog, and its going to be a goos, I hope you people follow my final release off what it will be. Its realising at the coming months, hope you guys will like it!
My mantra from now on is based on quality not quantity.


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21, Oslo

My sophisticated fantasies, er en kombinasjon av en moteblogg og hverdags blogg. Her skriver jeg litt om mine sm og store opplevelser, tips til mote og produkter og ikke minst om selve skaperne av mote.Frst og fremst s er det en blogg for gjre leserne bedre kjent med forskjellige designere, slik at det gir en inspirasjons rik opplevelse.