A evening at Hermes (norway), check out how they make their scarfs

Yesterday i went to Herms ` big evening at Steen og Strm magazine to cherrish their designs and legendary scarfs.
Hermes fashion house was etabilished in 1837 and have been a well-known brand for many decades. Today the brand is known for their leather goods, scarfs, parfumes and ready-to -wears.Hermes was originally etsabilished by Thierry Hermes (1801-1878) in France who made the finest leather harness and bridless for the carriges dedicated to transport for the European noblemen. Later on when mr. Hermes son took over the managment, he expanded the production in another city, where Hermes is today. Today Hermes is especially known for their popular Birkin-Bag and thir silkscarfs which was the tribute for yesterdays evening. Yesterday Hermes(Norway) took us on a jurney of how the scarfs are made. The journey began already at the Hermes showroom where the nordic director of Hermes gave us a heartwarmly welcome by a speech and presented the evenings schedule. A cute little train led us to the Opera where they printed the scarfs step by step, and gave us richly details about how the production was done.It was truly a memoriable evening with a managment who contributed us with lots of knowlegde about their scarfs and which made the guests appriciate Hermes creativity and hard work behind their production.

Sty tuned for more pictures

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