The Esmod Party was held at La Belle Sole and was arranged by Oslo's most talked about fashion-colleges.
Today i met incredibly talented students, people from press and last but not least a teacher and designer too.
She went on Esmod herself before she became a designer. Her label Tina H. Tina is a successful company and has a market all over the world. Today she works at the samne college which once showed her a dream which she is living today. She is really entusiatic of a personality and has only good things to tell about her college.
Her biggest tip for all my readers,

-never give up on you dreams, work hard and never give up.

and her tip is followed by houndreds of students at esmod, everyone works hard and tries there best to show their talent for clothes. James Lazar Braathen is one of the many students who has a bright future to follow his talent.
He is a previous stylist turned to designer and had a long fashion-working bio-data. His previous has been stylist in the tv.industry and have made gowns for the contest Miss Norway.
I was really honoured to carry his dress, for a year ago I couldn't have imagined that someone would aske me. im actually really thankful for everything iIhave experienced through this blog. Ihave grown as a stylist, journalist and most of all as a person .

James Lazar Braathen & Me

Me & the Designer of Tina H

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Tina H

13.okt.2011 kl.20:11

Heisann, takk for sist! Beste hilsen fra Tina.


14.okt.2011 kl.19:47

Tina H: Hey likes :) var veldig koselig snakke med deg :)

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