Mardou and Dean a Norwegian explosion!? YES yes and YES

This evenings most successfull event became the event at Mardou& Dean, just like their designs they had a different kind of opening with hot casserolle outside, sparkling drinks and unique designs. When we arrived at the party we could barley walk and the crowd speaked for it self. Mardou and Dean is different, edgy and relaxed with a east and west-side blend, and this blend seems to be quite popular all over the town.

I Personally loved their combination of playfull edgy but still glam-factor designs, and have already fallen in love with their jeans. The good thing about Mardou and Dean (jeans) is that it can be worn by anyone and anywhere for any occasion.

The opeing was a success and hopefully this can be a new Norwegian Fashion-explosion which ties a red-knot between many different styles.

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