Whitney Port for Bik-Bok : RELEASE-EVENT!

Today was a day full of events after events, but the one who attracted people like crazy was the release of Whitney Port's designs for BikBok. The showroom was sorrunded by 1000s of admiring fans ready to get a sight of the talked about Whitney Port. Her collection which have been talked about for a long time was finally out today, everything from glamourus high-heels to blouses, trousers and pretty femenin dresses was a result of Whitney Port's collaboration with Bik Bok.

We talked to Nina Granerod who is the Cheif designer of Bikbok and who have been working along with Whitney Port the past 6 months to give facelift to this season's fashion.

We asked her some question about the new collection:

-What made Bik-Bok choose Whitney Portman for a guest designer?

First of all we wanted someone who knows about fashion, and Whitney is a well-known celeb who work with fashion in aily-basis. Second of all we wanted something hipp and young, and her sense of fashion relates good to the result of designs we want to reach out with.

- How long took it to complete the collection?

We have now worked in 6.months and I've traveled back and forth from Oslo to New york, it has been a great experiance to work with such a down-to-earth lady, and hopefully the result have shown to bee good too.


and the result was really good with alot of fashion-loving buyers.

This is Paige Portman , Whitney's younger sister, who has a big smile on her face! As you can see the fashion-sense runs in the family. She is both pretty and a down-to-earth girl and really nice to talk to. Both of the sisters had a long day, but still looked excited and enjoyed themselfs.

Nina Granerod Cheif-designer for Bik-bok

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07.okt.2011 kl.01:47

very nice pictures, Whitney looks great!!!:)


07.okt.2011 kl.01:58

S fin blogg du har :)


07.okt.2011 kl.02:09

littledarling: yes, it was really fun but a bit stressing at the same time, with the thought of 1000 of screaming fans who were trying to get a sight of the starguest. But she seeme really calm and down to earth the same with her younger sister.

Hanne Ery

07.okt.2011 kl.13:42

S kult at du tok bilde av sjefdesigneren for Bik Bok! Whitney s smashing ut som alltid. Det gjorde du og ssteren din ogs! Bilder fra eventet:


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