Kanye West´s New COLLECTION

Finally the collection everyone was waiting for was shown. Kanye West´s new label collection DW called after his late mum was shown at Paris Fashionweek. All thou mr. West has influenced  the whole world with his music and sense of style, he still recived critisism on his fashion debut.

- West's fashion debut was like being subjected to an hour-long MRI scan -- but not as much fun, Lisa Armstrong

This was Famous stylist Lisa Armstrongs quote after the fashionshow, which tells us that people was expecting  to find his designs more edgy then what the result showed.

It  also says that people were expecting a debut of  Haute Couture in the manner of Kanye West is known for beeing a exlusiv artist and personality. 

But Kanye West´s respond to press was: - Its, tough, but haters gonna hate!" 
and  told the press that his debut was supposed to be casual and edgy  rather then classic and exlusiv, because it was made for people to dress up on a ordinary day. 

I personally found Mr. West´s designs edgy and a good investment for the youth. 














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