Todays Photoshoot with Silje (

Today was a day like no other! It started with a lots off excitment and a wish to do it well on the shoot( and not make a fool out of myself :P ). When we came to the VG-headquaters we let the secetary know and had to register ourself as guests. We waited some quick minutes before Silje Pedersen ( the editor in chief of came down with a big smile and a lots off shoppingbags full off outfitts. She is a really supportive and -down to earth-person who loves fashion and what she does, and does it with a lots off passion. Silje and her group were really helpfull and cheered for us under the whole shoot.

The team started with the make-up and later I met my co-model Liban( journalist for NRK) who I was doing the fall-shoot with. The clothes was actually quite cheap but despite the price they looked like a millions bucks.

Here I have some pictures from the behind the shoot, the main-photos from the shoot will be published in VG maybe tomorrow or durring the week. Enjoy :)

A bit nervous before the shoot!

Here is the Outfit I wore on the shoot. It was all about fall-fashion, the outfit looks

suprisingly good on then what it does on the hanger.

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05.sep.2011 kl.23:11

det s sykt kult ut!


05.sep.2011 kl.23:15

Pamila:Det var det ogs, gleder meg til se hvordan bildene ble :)


07.sep.2011 kl.08:44

kjempefin ;)

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