Confess it or not,Girls love GOSSIP; GYM AND COFFE <3 :D

Confess it or not, a girl's life would have been quite black and white without those miracles all created by not god but humanbeeings ;) Girls nomatter kind or mean, happy or sad, in every rase and sizes, we all love gossip with a nice cherry on top, and the cherry in this case is our coffe :P
im not trying present women in a dark shade of light, but it lays in our nature and if not, then women just love to talk i guess... neither is it hard to imagine that maybe the first tabloid publisher was a women.. :P its always a friend's friend or a friend's friend's friend, which maybe is a celeb? who knows, which adds a bit of exitment in the daily..., maybe thats what makes women live longer than men:P

And thats how my day started, no, im not mean, and I dont use their gossip to save my behind, ever..., but its fun to hear that life is full of suprises both good-ones and bad :P

And to share the cherry with a close friend is the best part of it :P yeah, women arent a mystery, but closer to the wierdest thing you'll ever meet :P

PS: I survived a spinning session of 120minutes proud proud proud :D

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20, Oslo

hei, jeg er en jente p 20 som bor i oslo, studerer mote og design. Jeg skriver om alt fra mote, ting som inspirerer meg til mine sm og store opplevelser i hverdagen. GUD-DAY!!