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I Have just changed my blog to tumblr, and form now on im going to blog about all my happening and interviews their.
I had a goo run with  blogg.no but  it didnt match up to my expectations .
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Sorry, I havent written so much lately, Its actually all because I have been exshausted.  Especially after the Press view, at Thursday we went to atleast four places to see next years collections, and every place had their own speciality. 
 Next year's Malene Birger was one of many fashion designer who caught my eye. She has both used bright and noticeable colours but still turned it into edgy but still classic designs  of what Malene Birger is known  for. I love that she still combines leather with chiffon in her SS12 collection it gives a edge in her design but the pencil skirt in leather makes the design much softer.

Then on other designs she has used much darker colours but still kept the "lady" by adding the bright coloured shoes.




This week is full of press display which means that every known fashion-designer will have an exibhition of their designs and some especially for  2012. So this is big for a girl like me who have just entered this industry. As a fashion-stylist im going to dress-up a quite familiar personality in the norwegian society and the person has a event coming up already in three-days.... jupp THIS IS STRESS on A CRAZY-LEVEL. Im focused on what kind of clothes the concerned needs  but also a bit nervous about the designers allowing me ... 
thats what suck to be a New-bee, this thing called reputation developes my work, and in this world you get works by chances or by knowing people, but then again,...

So the whole day tomorrow is all bout dressing up my favourite celeb.

I will do THIS!! !:D



A lot have been happening since the past week, and yeth the past week seems so distance. I turned 21 yesterday, and  and yeth I feel like thirty. My life has showed my alot off this world maybe more than what a 21year-old could imagine, but still I think I have made my chances of expeiences pass by. As i have told you guys before, I feel fortuned to explore this world of art and fashion through my blog, but I have this urge to experience more. the label  of 20 gave me urge off doing something and becoming someone, it was "now or never", but this year has thought me the "slower you are the fastes you get." Its better to do think proper than rushin into thing and make them less then perfect. I earlier announced that im starting a label, its was all off mye passion for clothes and im still sewing, but since the plate infront of me is so full with other things, I might have to delay  the release. 
Im planning something big for the blog, and its going to be a goos, I hope you people follow my final release off what it will be.  Its realising at the coming months, hope you guys will like it!
My mantra from now on is based on quality not quantity. 


A evening at Hermes (norway), check out how they make their scarfs

Yesterday i went to Hermès ` big evening  at Steen og Strøm magazine to cherrish their designs and legendary scarfs.
Hermes fashion house was etabilished in 1837 and have been a well-known brand for many decades. Today the brand is known for their leather goods, scarfs, parfumes and ready-to -wears.  Hermes was originally etsabilished by Thierry Hermes (1801-1878) in France who made the finest leather harness and bridless for the carriges dedicated to transport for the European noblemen. Later on when mr. Hermes son took over the managment, he expanded the production in another city, where Hermes is today. Today Hermes is especially known for their popular Birkin-Bag and thir silkscarfs which was the tribute for yesterdays evening. Yesterday Hermes(Norway) took us on a jurney of how the scarfs are made. The journey began already at the Hermes showroom where the nordic director of Hermes  gave us a heartwarmly welcome by a speech and presented the evenings schedule. A cute little train led us to the Opera where they printed the scarfs step by step, and gave us richly details about how the production was done. It was truly a memoriable evening with a managment  who contributed us with lots of knowlegde about their scarfs and which made the guests appriciate Hermes ´creativity and hard work behind their production.

Sty tuned for more pictures






MORE Pictures of MQ's opening

PICTURES TAKEN BY HANNE ERØY ( fashionista in Oslo)

MQ`s Flagship-opening event

 The Swedish MQ-flagship-store opening at Majourstuen was a big hit which drew alot of celeb's attention towards the opening.  the 13. og oct everyone from tv, music and fashionworld were present to explore the store's brand-range. We had a little chat with Hege Koteng regional manager for MQ ,who told us that they decided to open a flagship-store to make MQ more visible to people. They chose one of Oslo well known shopping-streets, Bogstadveien to be more avalible and to supply a wider range og clothes to the customers. 

Beside the clothes they had some fine jewelry and accessories they had some tasteful delicasse to the bar.

Stay tuned for more pictures of the event and celeb's inside tips !

Hege Koteng:

MQ falgship-store opening !!

After yesterdays fun even more fun continues, today is the MQ flagship opening which me and my friends  are invited to. I know im still not in shape, but thought of beeing sick home all alone, makes me even more sicker. So.. Today we will se what  waits on our way. Since its MQ they are having a huge fashionshow to market their clothes, cant wait!! :)
this will be quite exiting, soo  stay tune for pictures ;)
XoxO Navi



The Esmod Party  was held  at La Belle Sole and was arranged by Oslo's most talked about  fashion-colleges. 
Today i met incredibly talented students, people from press and last but not least  a teacher and designer too.
She went on Esmod herself before she became a designer. Her label Tina H. Tina is a successful company and has a market all over the world. Today she works at the samne college which once showed her a dream which she is living today. She is really entusiatic of a personality and has only good things to tell about her college. 
Her biggest tip for all my readers,

-never give up on you dreams, work hard and never give up.

and her tip is followed by houndreds of students at esmod, everyone works hard and tries there best to show  their talent for clothes. James Lazar Braathen is one of the many students who has a bright future to follow his talent.
He is a previous stylist turned to designer and had a long fashion-working bio-data. His previous has been stylist in the tv.industry and have made gowns for the contest  Miss Norway. 
I was really honoured to  carry his dress, for a year ago I couldn't have imagined that someone would aske me.  im actually really thankful for everything iIhave experienced through this blog.  I have grown  as a stylist, journalist and most of all as a person .

  James Lazar Braathen & Me

                                       Me & the Designer of  Tina H


James lazar Braathen is a new upcoming designer who right now is  a esmod student and beside that has a large experience in fashion. I wa so Lucky to borrow his dreass and wear it to a occasion of today. Today is the Esmod fashion evening, and Im kind of unsure, if im going. Because of my health I was actually all ready to stay home tonight and just relax, but then it suddenly hit me,  I cant relax thats just unlike me... 
so Esmod Party it is!!!
dont wait up people, but stay tuned for tomorrows pictures;)

XoxO Navi


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